From 2024 all schools are required to publish strategic plans that meet renewed Ministry of Education priorities (National Education and Learning Priorities) and reflects the local community. The following questions give you an opportunity to give feedback about our current plan.
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* 1. Personal Details

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* 2. What is your association with Northern Southland College?
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* 3. NSC's current Mission Statement is:
“We strive to develop well-rounded students, whose academic endeavour is balanced with sporting and cultural involvement and whose exhibition of personal and social skills is positive.”

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* 4. NSC's current Vision is to build a college community where:

· there is healthy integration with the wider community, within which the College is valued and there is understanding for, and support of, a shared vision.

· students are positive, inspired by learning, feel valued and respected, and are proud of themselves and their achievements.

· staff are passionate about teaching, feel valued and respected, and continuously seek to improve.

· success is celebrated.

· leadership opportunities are fostered.

· learning programmes are student-centred, relevant to the outside world and cater to the varied needs of our students.

· students participate in and contribute within community, national and global context.

· students leave the College as resilient, resourceful, innovative adults that are literate and numerate, and strongly motivated to continue as lifelong learners. 

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* 5. NSC current Statements of Intent:

· Instil confidence in our students by providing an environment that is both emotionally and physically safe.

· Classrooms will be inclusive and cater for the needs of all learners, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or ability.

· Respect the uniqueness of New Zealand Society with particular understanding of our bicultural partnership with Tangata Whenua

· Resource our school so teaching programmes reflect current developments, particularly in regard to technology

· Foster a community of connected learners with the understanding that students learn better when we work in partnership with home and the wider community

· Role model reflective practice and use our knowledge of student achievement to guide us in the next steps of their learning

· Create a school culture that values lifelong learning and allows students to reach their academic potential.

· We will have high expectations

· Promote active involvement in a range of school contexts, with reference to curriculum and co-curriculum opportunities 

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* 6. NSC's current Focus Areas:

Goal 1: Raising Student Achievement 
Goal 2: Self Review (BOT/Subject Areas/ERO)
Goal 3: Student and Staff wellbeing
Goal 4: Cultural Competencies/Identity
Goal 5: Property (BOT implementation of plan)

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* 7. Is there anything else you would like us to consider for our 2024 Strategic Plan?