La Trobe Asia Membership - Professional

La Trobe Asia has been in operation for over four years and as we enter the next phase, we are encouraging people who wish to engage with us to ‘formalise’ their engagement by becoming a member of La Trobe Asia. 

Membership is free and the unique benefits of being a member are listed below. 

Professional Membership:  (for casual, part- or full-time professional employees of La Trobe University with an interest in Asia)

·         Priority access to relevant events

·         Receive the newsletter and targeted communications

·         Access to the ad-free Asia Rising podcast

·         Able to access support for Asia focused activities

·         Access to La Trobe University Asia resources

As part of this 'membership' form, we are seeking information from you about your work so that we can update our records to have a better understanding of the engagement La Trobe staff have with Asia and to better support you. This information will be used in the Asia Country Briefs (available to all staff at La Trobe on Unite) and where relevant, connect you with others who have an interest in your work.  

We look forward to working with you.

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* 3. Position Title:

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* 8. Countries of Interest

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* 9. What is your interest in Asia?

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* 10. Please list any  professional connections you may have in Asia.

This information will be used in the Asia Country Briefs which are available to all La Trobe staff on Unite.

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* 11. Please list any other information that may be of interest.

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* 12. What is your preferred email address for La Trobe Asia communications?