* 1. How old are you?

* 2. What kind of problem/disability are you experiencing with?

* 3. What is the hardest part in managing your condition?

* 4. Is it hard for you to find information on what you need?

* 5. How hard it is for you to find products/services for your specific needs? This includes equipment, services nearby, exercise routines, mobile applications, etc

* 6. Do you find that you exercise enough? If no, why not?

* 7. Do you think a personalized program to help you exercise would be useful? Why or Why Not?

* 8. Have you ever tried any mobile application, website or software to help you solve the the problems you have? If so, how effective you think these aids are?

* 9. Additional comments for us. Please feel free to leave your email if you want us to contact you with further updates!