The Orlando Caribbean Festival Dress Up Ambassadors

The Orlando Caribbean Festival is NOT a carnival with trucks/parades.  This is a FESTIVAL cultural style event with Fair, Rides, Excursions and where we celebrate the Caribbean culture through its Food, Music, Dance Contests, Live Performances from Top International Artists.  OF COURSE there are no CARIBBEAN celebrations without FUN, VIBRANT & COLORFUL costumes where many ladies will wear elegant, fun pieces while they carry their flags representing their islands.   There are costumes sets available to purchase (see pics on social media). All costumes orders come with FREE complimentary festival admission along with other perks (pics with artists, media, priority to fun contests, access to stage based on availability etc...).  Dress UP and Be one of the celebrities at the festival :) 

Interested in ordering costume sets to be part of this EPIC experience?? Please fill out important info below (bra size etc..), payment link will be available upon receipt**NO ORDERS ARE FINAL TIL BOTH FORMS & PAYMENTS ARE RECEIVED***

**Quantities limited, first comes first serves**

* 1. What is your first and last  name? (must match ID when picking up costume)

* 2. What is your Phone number and email address? (needed for order status)

* 3. What is your Bra Size / range?  Please be specific (ie: 32A, 34C can also wear 36B, 36DD etc...)

* 4. What is your waist line? Please be specific (ie: i wear Juniors size Medium size 5-7)

* 5. I want to purchase