Please complete this survey to help us better understand your use of the Flex 2 public alpha and the Adobe Labs site.

* 1. Before visiting Labs and downloading the Flex 2 alpha, have you ever downloaded any product from Macromedia or Adobe to try for development purposes (not including Flash Player or Adobe Reader)

* 2. Before visiting Labs and downloading the Flex 2 alpha, have you ever purchased a Macromedia or Adobe product for application development purposes (not including the Flash Player or Adobe reader)

* 3. If you answered yes to questions #1 or #2, please specify which products here.

* 4. Which of the following best describes your organization?

* 5. Approximately how many employees work at your company/organization worldwide?

* 6. In what industry is your company or organization?

* 7. What is your primary development language?

* 8. How many people are on your development team?

* 9. What is the primary application server you use?

* 10. How would you best describe your role in the application development process?

* 11. What is your job title?

* 12. Approximately how many hours per week have you devoted to working with the Flex alpha?

* 13. What kinds of applications are you building or do you plan to build with Flex 2?

* 14. When do you expect to deploy your first Flex 2 application?

* 15. What is your level of purchasing authority?

* 16. What do you think of the Labs website?

* 17. What do you think of the Flex 2 alpha?

* 18. Please use the space below to provide any recommendations on how we can improve the Labs website.

* 19. Please use the space below to describe how we can improve Flex 2.

* 20. If you would be interested in the possibility of having someone from Adobe following up with you on your feedback, please provide your contact information below.

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