Library Usage

For each question, feel free to check all options that apply.

* 1. How often do you currently use the library, either in person or online?

* 2. How do you use the physical library?

* 3. How do you use the virtual library?

* 4. Please rank various features of the library

  Not applicable to me Needs improvement Satisfactory Outstanding
Quiet spaces
Conversation spaces
Availability of computers
Availability of meeting rooms
Helpfulness of staff
Children's Programming
Teen Programming
Adult Programming
Collections (books / AV items, etc.)
Online Presence (website, Facebook page)
Open Hours
Databases / Online Services

* 5. How do you hear about the library and its offerings?

* 6. What is your comfort level related to asking questions of our staff?

* 7. I'm most likely to ask questions about: