1. Please tell us about your reading habits

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Question Title

* 1. In a typical month how many times do you visit:

  At least weekly At least monthly Occasionally Never
A local bookstore
An online bookstore
Your local library (in person)
You local library (online)
Other websites with book information

Question Title

* 2. What types of fiction books do you read?

  Often Sometimes Rarely Never
Contemporary Novels
Historical Fiction
Literary Fiction
Women's Fiction
Short Stories
Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Alternate History
Graphic Novels

Question Title

* 3. What types of non-fiction book do you read?

  Often Sometimes Rarely Never
Biography, Memoir
History, Science, Current Affairs
Travel, Adventure
True Crime
Religion, Spirituality
Food Related

Question Title

* 4. Are you interested in knowing about books for teens/young adults? Please check all that apply

  Yes, to read myself Yes, to read to others Yes, to recommend/buy for others No
Books for teens/young adults
Books for ages approx 9-12

Question Title

* 5. In a typical month how many books do you read, buy, borrow, recommend and gift?

  More than 10 a month 8-10 6-7 3-5 1-2 None
Books you read
Books you recommend
Total books you buy
Books borrowed from a library
Books borrowed from friends
Books you gift to others

Question Title

* 6. Which book formats do you read?

  Often Sometimes Rarely Never
Large Print

Question Title

* 7. Do you feel that your reading habits (including reading, buying and borrowing books) have changed compared to before the pandemic? If so, how?

Question Title

* 8. Do you belong to a book club/book discussion group