* 1. Demographic information

* 2. What are the ages of your children?

  Age <3 months Age 3-6 months Age 6-12 months Age 12-24 months Age 2-3 years Age 3-4 years Age 4-6 years Age 6+ years
Child 1
Child 2
Child 3
Child 4

* 3. What are the best things about being a mother?

* 4. What are the biggest 'pains', 'challenges' or 'problems' encountered in being a mother? Rate your level of pain (5 = torture)

  Not challenging Mildly challenging Somewhat challenging Very challenging Hugely challenging (torture)
Struggling to find quality childcare that I can afford
'Baby brain'
Receiving only 18 weeks of paid parental leave
Feeling guilty for not doing a good enough job
Post natal depression
Feeling financially insecure
Family and friends who don't understand (or can't remember) what it is like
Having to protect my kids from inappropriate media
Finding a decent place to change my baby's nappy when away from home
Feeling tired all the time
Finding public playing areas that are genuinely safe
Struggling to find a quality education that I can afford
Finding decent part-time and/or flexible work
Feeling unsupported
Breastfeeding difficulties
Regaining my pre birth body/fitness
Finding walks that are pram/stroller friendly
Going to restaurants, cafes, shops, parks, walks etc that aren't child and stroller friendly
Feeling unappreciated (by those close by and wider society)
Being judged harshly by others for my parenting choices
Breastfeeding in public
Childbirth and the recovery after
Fear about things that could go wrong for them
Being a primary carer without practical and emotional support
Losing my job because I fell pregnant or can no longer work inflexible hours
Being criticised in the mainstream media
Retaining my pre family job/career
The dramatic increase in housework (and the reality that I will still be doing most of it)
Never having time to myself
Advice and guidelines that constantly change
Feeling lonely and isolated

* 5. How would you rate the helpfulness of the organisations and resources that you have turned to for support?

  Not very helpful Somewhat helpful Very helpful Extremely helpful (life saver)
Family & friends
Early childhood health service
Mother's group
NGOs e.g. Tresillian
Books & other publications
Phone services