1. Supporting Safe and Positive Schools for Colorado

The Colorado School Safety Resource Center staff is requesting your input in the development of the Center, to help focus initial efforts to meet the various needs of Colorado schools and others integral to the support of safe and positive learning environments. Please respond to the survey below to help direct our start up goals.
Please check our website at http://www.safeschools.state.co.us for current information about the Center

* 1. Please indicate your position

* 2. What region in Colorado do you serve in your current position?

* 3. If you are associated with a school, what school level do you serve( mark all that apply)?

* 4. If you are associated with a school, in what type of area is your school or School District?

* 5. If you are associated with a school, indicate the number of students in your school and district

* 6. Please prioritize the problem behaviors of students for which you need assistance

  High 1 2 3 4 Low 5
a). Disruptive, defiant behavior
b). Alcohol and other drug use
c). Truancy concerns
d). Bullying and harassment( including cyber bullying)
e). Violence and aggression
f). Teen dating violence
g) Gangs
h). Weapons on campus
i).Child abuse/neglect
j). Mental health needs( excluding youth suicide)
k). Youth suicide Risk

* 7. Please prioritize your needs for strategies and programs to address the problem behaviors of students

  High 1 2 3 4 Low 5
a). Classroom management strategies
b). Alternatives to suspension/expulsion
c). Effective drug and alcohol prevention programming
d). Effective truancy prevention programming
e). Effective bullying prevention programming
f). Effective violence prevention programming
g). Effective gang prevention programs and intervention strategies
h). Effective mental health services
i). Effective suicide prevention and intervention services
j). Effective multi-tiered interventions for students at risk

* 8. Please prioritize your needs for assistance with other prevention efforts, where 1 is your highest priority

  High 1 2 3 4 Low 5
a).Assistance developing safe school planning team
b). Assistance developing crisis response team
c). Assistance developing crisis recovery team
d). Assistance fair and consistent policies and procedures
e). Assistance increasing violence prevention awareness
f). Assistance providing anonymous reporting ( bullying, violence, etc.)
g) Assistance establishing information sharing agreements
h). Assistance with comprehensive school health and psychological services

* 9. Please prioritize your needs for conducting assessments and strategic planning:

  High 1 2 3 4 Low 5
a). Conduct school building &campus safety assessments
b). Conduct school climate & safe environment assessments
c). Assessing needs through existing data ( discipline records, etc.)
d). Assessing needs through prevalence surveys ( including hotspots surveys)
e). Using best practices to address needs based on data
f). Technical assistance to conduct school building and campus physical safety assessments
g). Technical assistance to conduct school climate & safe environment surveys

* 10. Please prioritize your needs for implementing safety and preparedness plans:

  High 1 2 3 4 Low 5
a). Assistance to develop interagency multi-hazard plans
b). Assistance to develop NIMS compliant preparedness plans
c). Review of current plans
d). Providing facilities information to first responders
e). Assistance with multi-agency coordination of preparedness plans
f). Assistance with emergency communication plan for schools, students, staff, parents, first responders and the media
g).Assistance with drills, including tabletop and full scale exercises
h).Assistance with evacuation plans
i). Assistance with recovery planning
j). Assistance with appropriate emergency equipment and supplies

* 11. Please prioritize your needs for establishing best practice strategies and procedures to respond to emergencies and crisis

  High 1 2 3 4 Low 5
a). Use of NIMS/ICS principles for school district response
b). Use of NIMS/ICS principles for school crisis team response
c). Emergency response training for staff
d). Emergency response training for students, parents &community
e). Procedures for lockdowns
f). Procedures for evacuations
g).Procedures for shelter-in-place
h).Procedures for intruders
i). Procedures for hostage situations
j). Procedures for responding to bomb threats
k). Procedures for responding to weapons on campus
l). Procedures for responding to suicide threats
m). Procedures for mental health ( excluding suicide ) emergencies
n). Procedures for responding to death of student or staff
o). Procedures for student threat assessment
p). Procedures for family reunification after evacuation or lockdown
q). Strategies for working with media
r). Strategies for communication during a crisis
s). Strategies for recovery efforts after a crises

* 12. Please prioritize your needs for safe school information and resources

  High 1 2 3 4 Low 5
a). Safety and preparedness planning for schools
b). Sample multi-hazard school preparedness plans
c). Sample school crises response plans
d). Response protocols and best practice information
e). Training for vulnerability/risk physical safety assessments
f).Evidence-based prevention efforts
g).Evidence -based intervention practices
h). Grant information for funding school safety efforts
i).Training on implementing information sharing agreements

* 13. Please provide any additional comments or suggestions: