Breech Birth Satisfaction Survey ~ A Global Perspective

Three consumer advocacy groups are working together to improve access and informed choice for women seeking a vaginal breech birth. In order to ensure that our efforts are meeting women's needs, we would like to know how you were impacted by your breech birth experience. All breech experiences are important, even if you didn't have a vaginal breech birth (whether that was your choice, or for other reasons). Your personal information will remain confidential. We intend to present this as a collection of experiences and analyze for trends.

Thank you for your participation!

Here's where you can find out more about the groups involved in this project:

The Coalition for Breech Birth - contact Robin 
The Informed Choice Coalition - contact Wendy
Mothers of Change - contact Céline

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* 1.

This survey is designed to gather information about breech birth, specifically comparing breech birth at the Ottawa General Hospital, with the Montfort Hospital, and with other birth locations.

Please confirm that you birthed a breech baby.  Due to the software, you are limited to one survey per computer. If you can, please change computers to fill out the survey for each of your breech babies, including multiple births.

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* 3.

Please provide the postal code / zip code and (or) the general location where you birthed your breech baby:

For example:
K1A 0A9
Ottawa, ON, CANADA

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* 5.

My breech baby's birth included the following:

Please select all that apply.

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* 6. The main reason that I understand the risks of a vaginal breech birth vs. a surgical breech birth is because:

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* 7. The following people helped me to understand the risks of a vaginal breech birth vs. the risks of a surgical breech birth:

You may skip this question if you selected "I do not understand the risks." in question 7.

  Not applicable No support was provided Provided a little bit of information Provided misleading or inaccurate information Provided me with some information Pointed me to evidence based information Provided me with evidence based information
My obstetrician
My midwife
My nurse
My doula
Online forum
Online support group
Real life support group
My own research

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* 8. What do you wish you had known about vaginal breech birth, beforehand:

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* 9. Could your choice to have a vaginal breech birth have been better supported? If so, how? If not, how were you so well supported?

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* 10. I would like to be on the mailing list for: