Hunters Creek Swim and Racquet Club 2012 Member Survey

Winter is here so what better time to think about swimming and playing tennis at the Club? The Board of Directors is planning for the 2012 season and we'd appreciate your input into how we can further improve the Club for you and your family. Please complete the survey by February 5th. THANK YOU.

* 1. What do you value most about the Club?

* 2. What are the two most important changes you'd like to see made at the Club for the 2012 season?

* 3. Did you attend the Annual Family Picnic in June or the BBQ in August?

* 4. Would you be interested in any of the following parties for 2012?

* 5. Would you be interested in participating in Aerobics classes at the Clubhouse (for a fee)?

* 6. How often do you use the tennis courts?

* 7. Have you referred, or suggested to, a friend or neighbor to join the Club?

* 8. If No, why?

* 9. How else can we improve the Club?