Thoughts in Action

This project is founded on the premise of participatory action research. Participatory action research is unique in that it is both activism and research, and is intended to collect, analyze, and apply information for the purpose of enacting positive change. Participatory action research is intended to be nonhierarchical. While one or more people may play the primary role of research facilitator, the goal is to involve the participants in such a way that participants collectively determine the course of the research over time. Participants’ needs and interests are considered to be the fundamental purpose and guide of the research.

There are two primary goals for this project. The first is to explore participants'  educational needs and experiences in order to identify  gaps between what people need and what existing educational structures are providing.  The second is to understand more about how educational needs and experiences are influenced by culture, language, and experiences with migration. A third mini "extra" goal is to explore the viability of conducting this type of survey through social media!

Responses are open-ended; so you can respond to all questions in any way that you like. All responses are anonymous, and no personally identifiable data is collected. Participation is completely voluntary as is continuation in the study. You can skip any question for any reason and you can stop the study at any time. If you would like to learn more about the research project, you can visit, where you can also comment and give suggestions. If you would like to receive periodic updates and/or the eventual findings of the research, please send an email to Thanks for participating!

* 1. How would you describe your culture and ethnicity?

* 2. How would you describe the language(s) that you speak?

* 3. In what country or countries do you feel most at home?

* 4. Do you currently live in the country or countries in which you feel most comfortable?

* 5. How would you describe your feelings about the place that you currently live?

* 6. What are your educational goals for your children, yourself, your partner, and/or other individuals who are important to you? (You can respond for as many or as few options as you choose).

* 7. What factors (if any) make it difficult to achieve those goals?

* 8. What changes to education would make your educational experience better?

* 9. Have you migrated between countries at some point in the past?

* 10. How has migration (of yourself or others) affected your educational experiences?