Topics to debate (அடுத்து விவாதிக்க வேண்டியவை):

We need to know what matters to you the most. American Tamil Radio would like to conduct debates on useful topics like social, economical and educational issues. Take a minute to cast your vote and prioritize the topics.

* 1. We should debate or discuss this topic:

* 2. Can you participate in debate (விவாதத்தில் பங்குபெற உங்களுக்கு விருப்பமா) ?

* 3. At what email address would you like to be contacted (உங்கள் மின்னஞ்சல் முகவரி) ?

* 4. Contact Phone Number (தொலைபேசி எண்):

* 5. In what country do you currently reside?