* 1. I will be attending the 2018 COPA Workshop in San Diego, California:

* 2. Please provide:

* 3. The LDN would like to help you conduct research on the item(s) of greatest need for your disease of interest. While new therapies are always at the top of the list, drug research and development may be beyond the scope of what can be accomplished via the LDN alone. Our focus is on the identification of needs that will drive clinical trial development.

What is your area of interest?

* 4. The working groups will be dedicated to answering this question, and questions 5 & 6 (below).  Please come with ideas on how you would answer the following questions for your area of interest:

Beyond or toward treatment, what is the most important unmet need for your disease of interest?

* 5. What is your idea about how we should design a research project to address the unmet need listed above?

* 6. What do you think are the resources, facilities, and tools needed for us to complete the project you describe in #5 above?  Who do you think should be involved in bringing a project like the one described to a successful conclusion?