The Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC) for Agriculture Science, Animal Science (AS) is currently being reviewed.

The Intersegmental Curriculum Workgroup (ICW), the body overseeing the curricular components of the implementation of Senate Bill 1440 (Padilla, 2010), recognizes that changes to a TMC may impact existing Associate Degrees for Transfer at the 114 California community colleges and the designations of similar made by the 23 campuses of the California State University. Because it is critical that the impact of any TMC modification be assessed prior to implementation, the TMC 5-year review process will be a two-year process to ensure that changes are necessary and that the FDRG has time to fully consider all information and changes for the TMC.

We are now seeking input to determine whether or not changes are warranted and if so, what those changes should be. The information gathered will be reviewed by the Faculty Discipline Review Group (FDRG) and used to guide the descriptor revision process.

Please review the TMC for Agriculture Science, Animal Science and provide feedback on any suggested changes.
You can view the current Agriculture Science, Animal Science TMC HERE.