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The European Union has been supporting agricultural research and innovation at national, regional and global levels, and is now willing to step up its support in this domain, with particular reference to climate change action, through the DeSIRA initiative.
One element required in framing future support is to document and mobilize the European research base in support of the management of climate change implications in agriculture – mitigation of, and adaptation to, the impact of climate change in agricultural systems.

The objective of this survey is to compile a knowledge base of European institutional capacities and activities in climate-relevant agricultural research and innovation (including livestock and fisheries) that can hence be efficiently mobilized in subsequent support of the needs of developing countries – outlining “who is doing what, where and with whom”.
The survey is commissioned by the EU through the DeSIRA project and conducted by the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR).

IMPORTANT: the first phase of the data collection closes on 31 July 2018. The building of the database will continue, but the project study will be based on the results as of 31 July 2018.

N.B. The survey is open to institutions that are based in Europe, not limited to EU membership but extended to the whole European geographic region.

Note for the respondent
Please make sure that you are authorized and/or knowledgeable enough to complete the survey on behalf of your organization or your Department. If research on climate change is conducted throughout the institution or in different departments, please provide information at the level of the institution, otherwise provide information at the level of the Department that conducts such research.
The information provided may be used in the future for decision making by EU institutions, e.g. for funding or project calls. It is therefore important that the survey is completed by a person who knows what the research capacities of the institution / department are.
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