Please ensure that dates and times are correct. Do not forget to give us the name of the event and the sponsoring organization. Include the address and city where it will take place, a phone number, web site and the name of a person who can answer any queries regarding the event. Provide a summary of the main points you want to convey starting with the most important details. We at the station we will write a script based on the information you submit. Remember that the PSAs are 30 seconds in length and no more than six lines.

We reserve the right to change or not to publish every request.

* 1. Name of the Organization

* 2. Name of the person asking for request

* 3. Phone Number

* 4. Fax

* 5. Website or E-mail

* 6. Name of the organization which the event refers

* 7. Information about the event (include date, time, location, cost, etc)

* 8. Are you able to provide a donation?

* 9. Questions or comments