The New England Regional Translational Research Network
Core Laboratory Survey

The New England Regional Translational Research Network (NERTRN) is a voluntary cooperative organization comprised of the University of Vermont (Richard Galbraith, MD, PhD), Dartmouth Medical School (Murray Korc, MD, PhD), the University of Massachusetts (John Sullivan, MD), the University of Connecticut (Judith Fifield, PhD), Brown University (Timothy Flanigan, MD), the Maine Medical Center Research Institute (Ken Ault, MD), and The Jackson Laboratory (Rick Woychik, PhD). The Network was formed to facilitate and enable clinical and translational research across the region. Examples of initiatives underway are attempts to build IRB reciprocity, interoperability of information services, educational and training programs, standardization of data reporting and adverse event reporting, co-recruitment of subjects for studies, and sharing of core facilities.

The attached survey specifically addresses the issues of core facilities. Please help us by taking the time to fill in this form and submitting it after which it will be routed automatically to Valerie Scott, Senior Director of Scientific Services at The Jackson Laboratory, who is coordinating our efforts to collate and publicize the core laboratories available throughout the region. When the data have been collated and analyzed, they will be distributed to each of the institutional representatives for feedback to you.

Many thanks for your help.

Richard Galbraith, MD, PhD

* 1. Please give us your contact information:

* 4. Please identify core facilities which do not appear on the list above to which you would like access.

* 5. What core facilities would you like to see developed across NERTRN sites?