Over the past few decades, the practice of modern day homesteading -- including small-scale home farming, food preservation, animal husbandry and more -- has seen a huge rise in popularity. The Tolland Agriculture Commission is considering organizing an educational series covering several homesteading topics. We would appreciate your time in completing this brief survey so that we can better gauge the interest level within the community. All responses are completely confidential and will only be used for planning purposes. At this time, the survey is for Tolland residents only. Thank you!

* 1. Are you interested in participating in educational programs on homesteading topics?

* 2. What is your interest level in the following topics?

  Highly Interested Somewhat Interested Neutral Somewhat Disinterested Disinterested
Raising backyard chickens
Food preservation, including canning, fermenting, pickling, jarring and/or dehydrating
Starting and maintaining a successful vegetable garden, including soil testing, garden planning, seed starting, pest control and fertilizing
Growing and using herbs
Organic/Non-GMO (genetically-modified organism) vegetable gardening
Raising grapes and making wine
Beekeeping and honey production
Raising goats for home dairy
Spinning wool and fiber arts such as knitting and/or crochet
Composting and/or vermiculture (composting with worms)
Raising fruit trees
Tapping trees for maple syrup
Maintaining mechanical equipment for the yard
Growing vegetables in cold weather using a cold frame
Growing specific produce, such as berries, mushrooms, etc.
Aquaponics (raising aquatic animals such as fish and using their waste to fertilize hydroponically-grown vegetables)

* 3. When would you like to see these programs offered? (Feel free to select multiple responses)

  Morning Midday Afternoon Evening

* 4. How would you most like to receive additional information regarding the Homesteading Series?

* 5. Do you have any additional suggestions for the Homesteading Series?

It would help us a great deal if you could forward this survey to other Tolland residents for completion; here is the web address: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8G8RRGH

Thanks again for your time!