Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey for the Blueprint for Complex Care.

Please complete the following two tables (each will be displayed in tabular form with the strong field elements appearing as rows and response choices available.

* 1. How strong is the field of complex care on these elements?

  Strong Somewhat strong Neutral Somewhat less strong Not strong
Codification of standards of practice
Exemplary models and resources (e.g., how-to guides)
Available resources to support implementation (e.g., technical assistance)
Respected credentialing process
Ongoing professional development training for practitioners and leaders
Credible evidence that practice achieves desired outcomes
Community of researchers to study and advance practice
Vehicles to collect, analyze, debate and disseminate knowledge
Influential leaders and exemplary organizations across key segments of the field (e.g., practitioners, researchers, business leaders, policymakers)
Broad base of support from major constituencies
Enabling policy environment that supports and encourages model practices
Organized funding streams from public, philanthropic and corporate sources of support

* 2. How important is investing additional work in each of the following set of elements to the success of the field of complex care over the next 3-5 years? Examples of potential activities for each section are included in the parenthesis. 
Please rank the top 5 elements in order of importance; 1=most important and 5=least important

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* 5. Complex care encompasses work with many different populations, please indicate which populations you work with (check all that apply):

* 6. Please indicate your primary role in complex care: