Connected Care Camp on the 7th December is bringing together front line staff, managers, people who use health and care services as well as carers to explore how we can improve the wider care sector.

You can read more about the event at:

Connected Care Camp is part of the Public Service Launchpad a new programme to help passionate people who work either paid or unpaid in all kinds of public services – whether in local government, housing associations, health services, the third sector, social enterprises or elsewhere to develop ideas to solve the problems that they encounter every day. Ideas can involve small changes or radical redesign of services.

Not everyone can attend this one-off event in person but you can join in on Twitter using the hashtag #psicare.

We know what many of the problems are, many are making headlines on a daily basis so we are looking for solutions that work and that can scale.

What would be on your wish list for how community care and support could look like in the 21st Century? We need a clearer vision of what works and who could benefit so that we can optimise the skills and resources we currently have. This includes decommissioning services that are not effective.

In a fragmented health and care system we need to be clear about who has responsibilities for action, how organisations and communities can be more effective and how health, care and housing can be better co-ordinated around people who could benefit.

To help us organise the day and better engage the wider community via social media we would welcome your responses to our survey.

* 1. About You

* 2. Are you?

* 3. I will be attending

* 4. What do you hope to get out of attending Connected Care Camp?

* 5. A wide range of issues have been identified to discuss at Connected Care Camp. What would be your top five priorities?

  most important very important important moderately important least important
How can health and care services support people who are lonely and isolated – there’s a million of them
People struggle to find information, guidance and advice – how can we improve the systems?
How can we support more connected communities?
How can we ensure that integration is focused not on systems, but on coordinating care and support around an individual?
Are there any alternatives to the 15 minute care visits?
How could doctors, nurses, social workers and support staff better coordinate care planning and visits?
How can we support people with disabilities to live more independent and fulfilling lives?
How can we encourage all hospitals and care homes to provide wi-fi and internet access?
How can we support staff, people who use care services, carers and volunteers to improve their digital skills and feel more confident using technology?
How can we encourage care homes to have video links to GPs and hospital doctors to avoid unnecessary visits and disruption?
How can digital technologies give people more control of their care and support and make person centred care a reality?
How can digital technology help develop the local care market place?
How can digital technology help to support carers & care networks?
How can technology help to reduce unplanned or readmissions to hospitals and ensure effective discharges?
How can technology help us to address the the particular challenges for people living in rural areas to access services & products?
How can we negotiate the internal barriers which stop the adoption of technology which will support people to live more independently?

* 6. What do you think the wider care sector should stop doing i.e. because it is not cost-effective? (please tell us more below)

* 7. Do you have any practical ideas about how this money could be redirected? (please tell us more below)

* 8. Are you a Public Sector Launchpad Scholar?

* 9. By the end of Connected Care Camp we anticipate that you will:

Have made at least 10 new contacts who are involved in the care, health, housing and voluntary sectors
Shared emerging and good practice
Discussed and received feedback on your ideas
Learned about at least 20 current digital technology innovations across the wider care sector

How do you think we can share the outcomes from the Camp more widely? (please tell us more below)

* 10. Any other thoughts and comments you would like to make about Connected Care Camp?