About CalTPA

The CTC is redeveloping the state-sponsored teaching performance assessment, the California Teaching Performance Assessment (CalTPA). Pursuant to Education Code Section 44320.2, this assessment meets one of the requirements for earning a Preliminary Multiple Subject or Single Subject Teaching Credential.

In the spring of 2017, the revised CalTPA will be piloted. The purpose of this pilot test is to engage stakeholders to collect additional validity evidence on the design of the assessment. Specifically, Commission-approved educator preparation programs (EPPs) are invited to try out the instructional cycles (tasks) and related scoring rubrics with their teacher candidates by embedding the cycles and rubrics within existing program requirements.

We are seeking California educators to score submissions for the pilot test (spring 2017), field test (spring 2018), and operational administrations (starting fall 2018). Scoring of the CalTPA will include scorer training and calibration and will be subject-specific. Submissions will be received and scored in each of the CalTPA content areas.

Scoring for the CalTPA pilot test will be conducted late April/early May 2017. Scoring, including training and calibration, will be conducted in person in Sacramento, CA.

CalTPA Assessor Qualifications

To be eligible to score the California Teaching Performance Assessment (CalTPA), an applicant MUST meet both of the following requirements.


Be a current or recently retired California education professional in one (1) or more of the following capacities:

  • University/program teacher educator
  • Field supervisor
  • Master teacher
  • TK–12 teacher or supervisor
  • TK–12 administrator (e.g., principal, assistant principal)
  • Holder of a teaching license or credential issued by a state education agency
  • National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT)

Have expertise in the content area assigned to score in one (1) or more of the following ways:
  • Hold a current Multiple or Single Subject Teaching Credential, or the equivalent, in the content area
  • Have university teaching experience in the content area
  • Hold a degree in the content area
NOTE: Previously certified CalTPA Program-level Lead Assessors or Program-level Assessors who have expertise in a content area as defined above may apply to score in that content area.

Qualification Verification:

To verify employment and certification, the application requests your supervisor contact information and certificate/license details.  This information will be used for verification purposes only.