We are Radio Blah Blah! We love podcasts! And we want to serve podcasters in general, to make their experience more mobile, easy and fun. This survey can help us folks here at Radio Blah Blah understand what you want, and help us to create solutions that work for you!

If you choose to help us out, we’re saying that you agree to keep this private. Cool? Thanks!

* 1. Do you currently use a mobile phone app to create and post podcasts?

* 2. If so which app and why?

* 3. If no, why not?

* 4. What features would be most vital to you?

* 5. Is it your goal to have your podcast be a part of a curated network like EarWolf or Distraction Pieces Network?

* 6. If yes, why?

* 7. If no, why not?

* 8. What do you think when I say to you “micropodcasting”, podcasts of 2 - 5 minutes or even less, capturing a quick interview or impression of a situation, consumed more like a tweet, taggable and searchable.

* 9. Would you use such a tool as a content value-add for your audience?