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For questions 1-10, please respond by imagining how the client would respond if asked the question. We realize this is a difficult task and may involve some guessing on your part. For each item, you may circle any number corresponding to the scale below.
(-4 = strongly disagree, -2 = disagree, 0 = not sure, +2 = agree, +4 = strongly agree)


* 1. Felt comfortable.

* 2. Did not understand some things I said.

* 3. Felt treated with respect.

* 4. Felt as if I did not understand what was most important to him or her.

* 5. Felt like I listened well.

* 6. Felt like I did not explain what I would do next for him or her.

* 7. Felt like I was interested in him or her as a person.

* 8. Thought I asked confusing questions.

* 9. Trusted me.

* 10. Thought I understood why he or she needed legal help.

For questions 11-17, express your own opinion, indicating how much you disagree or agree with each statement.

* 11. Did not say everything that he or she wanted to say.

* 12. Knows what he or she needs to do next.

* 13. Would want me to help him/her, if the client came back to this clinic with a different need for legal help.

* 14. Seemed confused.

* 15. Told me the whole story.

* 16. Had unrealistic goals.

* 17. Did not tell me the truth.

We ask about the following information to help us improve the client survey. Please skip any question if you do not want to provide the information.

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