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High quality cellphone and internet services are important to families and businesses in Southland. Since 2000 Venture Southland has been working to promote improved cellphone and broadband services for people whether they live in urban or rural areas.

The purpose of this survey is to find out how satisfied Southlanders are with their cellular and internet services and how they use them in their personal lives and businesses. We want to get a clear picture of areas where services are good and those which still lack adequate connections.

The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and has six sections:
- About you
- About your household
- Cell phone usage
- Internet usage
- Business usage (Questions for business owners and senior managers)
- Final comments

Your participation will help Venture Southland to understand people's experiences of their internet and cellphone services and to advocate for improved services in those areas which need need them.

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* 3. What industry do you work in?