Participation Information Statement

Information Statement for the Research Project:
You are invited to participate in this research project if you are a practicing school teacher who is using IVR in your teaching practice.
The purpose of the research is to explore how and why teachers are using Immersive Virtual Reality [IVR] technologies in schools. This is new area of research as IVR is an emerging technology which is increasingly available in schools.
If you agree to participate, you will be asked to complete an online survey/questionnaire (of approx 10 minutes)about your attitudes, experiences and practices with using IVR in your teaching practice.
You will also have to opportunity to consider participating in a semi-structured interview with the named researchers about your use of IVR in your teaching. This interview may be face-to-face or via telephone or internet.
Participation in this research is entirely your choice.  Only those people who give their informed consent will be included in the project.  Whether or not you decide to participate, your decision will not disadvantage you. If you do decide to participate, you may withdraw from the project at any time prior to submitting your completed survey. Please note that due to the anonymous nature of the survey, you will not be able to withdraw your response after it has been submitted.  
There are no anticipated risks associated with participating in this research. There are no risks or direct personal or professional benefits to participants. However, the findings may provide insights that can assist in teacher preparation programs, professional training agendas and/or contribute to future discussions about the use of digital technologies in education.
Data will be retained for at least 5 years on the University of Newcastle’s ownCloud secure server, the online survey will be hosted via Survey monkey via a secure encrypted connection, hard copy surveys will be stored in a locked filing cabinet in one of the Chief Investigators’ offices, audio recordings will be stored on the University of Newcastle’s ownCloud secure server, a confidential transcription service will be used to transcribe the interview data and data will be securely destroyed in line with UON policy provisions for research conducted by University staff.
Due to the anonymous nature of the survey/questionnaire the responses you provide will not be identifiable. Only the named researchers will perform the data analysis.
The collected data will contribute to the research of the named researchers and may be presented in academic publications, journals or conferences. Individual participants will not be named or identified in any reports arising from the project although individual anonymous responses may be quoted.  Those involved in the interviews will be able to request a summary of the results.
Please read this Information Statement and be sure you understand its contents before you contents before you consent to participate.  If there is anything you do not understand, or you have questions, please contact the researchers. 
If you would like further information please contact the researchers, either Dr Rachel Buchanan [] or Dr Debra Donnelly [].
Complaints about this research
This project has been approved by the University’s Human Research Ethics Committee, Approval No. H-2018-0254. Should you have concerns about this research, you may contact the researchers of the Human Ethics Officer, Research Services, The University of Newcastle, (02) 49216333,

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