Thank you for your interest in applying for a committee position. The volunteer leadership, along with the Central Office, are crucial to the success of our organization. Please complete the following application by February 13 (Or March 18 for affiliate members).

View the committees listed on the ASSH website and review the charges carefully. Members are expected to commit to the charges as listed.

* 1. I have read the description of the position(s) for which I am applying, and I appreciate the responsibilities associated with such position(s). I hereby represent that, if appointed to such position(s), I will commit myself to the position(s) and will fulfill such responsibilities to the best of my ability.

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* 3. Which committees would you like to serve on?

* 4. What skills would you bring to this position?

* 5. What organizational experience in this area have you performed for the ASSH or other organizations?

* 6. If there are no vacancies on the committee(s) you selected, would you be willing to serve on any committee?

Thank you for applying for a committee position.

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