Please rate each of the following statements about the factors motivating you to purchase or sell back your Textbooks at the College Bookstore.

* 1. Normally, I buy or rent USED textbooks

* 2. Normally, I buy or rent NEW textbooks.

* 3. Normally, I buy or rent my textbooks using the internet even if I may not be able to easily return them if I drop the class.

* 4. The Bookstore also sells books on the internet at the same price and returns policy as if you purchased them from the store. How important is this to you?

* 5. In selecting a used or rental book, how important is it to you that the book be in good condition?

* 6. How important is it for you to look at the options of New, Used, or Rental Books before purchasing?

* 7. At the end of the semester, do you sell your books back to Pierce College for up to 50% of the new book price?

* 8. The Pierce Bookstore now sells electronic versions of textbooks. How interested would you be to purchase e-books from the store?