The Land Development Code (LDC) is the County’s rulebook for how property can be used. The LDC is intended to implement the vision established by the County’s Comprehensive Plan. The LDC provides guidelines for where development can occur and what it should look like. In it, you will find ways of how land area is organized (what is called zoning), how we should protect our environment (our natural resources), ways to develop, and the County’s procedural standards.
Customers in the past have commented on the complexity of how to use or read the LDC. In addition, customers have inquired about the purpose of the codes and how they help carry out the County’s goals. The first phase of the LDC Rewrite will focus on making the document more user-friendly, incorporating some initial changes, while creating a framework for future amendments. The goal of the LDC Rewrite project is to help our residents more easily use the Code and contribute to making Pasco a better place to live, work and play.
Please review the "Phase One" page of the website, you may review the overall changes and the exact changes being proposed. 
The following questions are intended to help staff understand how the public and the development community use the LDC.

Question Title

* 1. Have you ever used Pasco County’s Land Development Code?