* 1. The Butte County Food Safety Advisory Group (FSAG) was formed at the beginning of this year (2013) to assist the Public Health Department identify needed areas of program development and quality improvement of our food safety program.

After reviewing a food facility grading program and a food facility placarding program, the FSAG determined that our office should develop a placarding program and present it to the community for input at a variety of community based forums.

The goals of the placard program are:
 Reduce foodborne illness
 Increase compliance with food safety laws
 Convey inspection results to the public using a system that is simple to understand

The placarding program would require one of three 8.5x11 inch colored placards to be posted at the entrance of all retail food facilities. Green, would mean the facility had no more than one significant code violation during its last inspection, and the violation was corrected during the inspection. Yellow, would mean the facility had two or more significant code violations during the last inspection, and the violations were corrected during the inspection. Red, would mean the facility was closed because of imminent health hazards observed during the last inspection.

Question: How do you feel about this placarding proposal?

* 2. The Pubilc Health Department is committed to reinspecting a food facility within 24 hours after receiving a yellow or red placard, if requested. This means that a yellow or red placard could be replaced by a green placard the next day following an inspection.

To better inform the public, each placard will have the date of the previous inspection and the previous placard color.

Question: How do you feel about including the date and placard color from the previous inspection on each of the placards?

* 3. To provide the public with even more information, a QR code will be placed on each placard so a member of the public, using a smart phone app, could view the entire previous inspection results.

Question: How do you feel about providing this option for the public?