Our town has received federal relief money! We need your input to make sure the spending reflects our community. For more information on this funding from the American Rescue Plan Act, please view Guilford's ARPA webpage. You can also find additional information on the Vermont League of Cities and Towns ARPA webpage.
Guilford's ARPA Advisory Committee has been gathering ideas for funding from the community, and we've grouped these ideas into six categories. In this survey, we are asking you to spread $100 in pretend money over these six categories.
Guilford's ARPA Advisory Committee will use the results of this survey to advise the Selectboard on how Guilford should spend its remaining ARPA dollars.

The survey will close October 20th. You may receive a hard copy of this survey in the mail as well. Please only respond once, either here online or via your mailed survey (but not both!).

Additional questions? Contact arpa@guilfordvt.gov. Thank you for your input!
- Guilford ARPA Advisory Committee: Patty Bullock, Jaime Durham, Julie Holland, Dan Killay, Vickie Sterling

Question Title

* 1. How would you spend $100? (in pretend money)

Distribute your $100 in pretend money to show which categories are most important to you. Enter $100 for one category, or spread the money around as many categories as you want, making sure the total equals $100. Please round to the nearest dollar, and don't enter a $ sign.

Question Title

* 2. (Optional) Please enter your name and email address if you would like to be added to the new Guilford ARPA mailing list, so we may inform you of any updates on Guilford's ARPA work in the future.