Please participate in our feedback program. Your opinion counts

Welcome to the first adaptive intelligence customer feedback system.

We are serious about giving you the best experience possible. This is no ordinary smiley face customer satisfaction survey to look good. 

The application is adaptive determining questions based upon prior responses - and in so doing getting more details about what and how we can improve.


* 2. The service, as a whole, can be described as

* 3. Service is important to us, please choose the attribute/s that best describe the overall service (you can choose up to 3)


* 4. You came to eat, so tell us, how was that plate of food?

* 5. We would love to have you back, so would you...?

* 6. If food network asked you to comment on the food, which phrases would you use? (you can choose upto 2 answers)


* 7. Which feature would you most tell others about?

* 8. How is our housekeeping

* 9. Your email (we need this for competitions and rewards)

Easily available data, anytime, anywhere

<strong><span style="color: #333399;">Easily available data, anytime, anywhere</span></strong><strong><span style="color: #333399;"></span></strong>

* 10. Your bill number (used for audit and validation)

* 11. Just rating the overall experience, how many thumbs did we get?

Next Gen Tech

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