Red Jacket is an iconic Canadian racing yacht built in the mid-60's that launched the success of C&C yachts. The Marine Museum of the Great Lakes will acquire the vessel for the 2020 season; we are conducting a survey to determine the extent to which the Kingston sailing community would be interested in charting the boat with a captain and one crew. The boat can accommodate crew plus up to 6 passengers. 

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* 1. Have you heard of the sail boat Red Jacket?

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* 2. Each of the following charters includes captain and 1 crew member. What is your interest level (1 (left) is not interested and 3 (right) is high interest:

KYC evening races in the summer (2 hours)
Evening sail (mid-summer only, 2-3 hours)
A half day sail (up to 4 hours)
A full day sail. Passengers would supply their own food and drink (7 hours)

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* 3. How much per hour would you be willing to pay for a charter that would include up to 6 participants? (1-5 left to right is not at all, moderate, extremely interested)

$600 +
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