The State of Cloud Storage & Collaboration 2016

CSO Australia in conjunction with Dropbox is conducting a brief 5 minute study about Insights into the State of Cloud Storage & Collaboration 2016. Your participation is instrumental in forging a better understanding of the drivers behind how organisations across a variety of industries are building their IT security for 2016 / 2017.

As a thank-you for your participation, at the end of the study, you will have the opportunity to enter a game of chance, to go into the draw to win 1 or 10 Annual Loot Crate subscriptions.

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The survey is confidential; neither your name nor your company's name will be associated with your answers. Please be assured that any responses you provide will be used only in combination with those of other study responses. If you have any questions about this study, you may contact CSO SMS Marketing Services at

Thank you for your help completing this brand new Insights study! Your contribution to the success of this study is greatly appreciated.

* 1. In what industry does your business operate?

* 2. How do your employees usually share files with each other?

* 3. How many cloud applications and services are your employees using?

* 4. Which type of cloud applications has your organisation officially adopted?

* 5. How have industry or legal regulations affected your adoption of cloud services?

* 6. What phrase best describes your business leaders' overall views on cloud services?

* 7. Does your organisation have a corporate standard for file sharing?

* 8. How do you control the flow of sensitive data to mobile devices?

* 9. Do your corporate security standards require the use of encryption for cloud data?

* 10. How do you facilitate online collaboration between your employees?

* 11. How do you control access to sensitive corporate data?

* 12. How do your employees backup their data?

* 13. How long did it take to recover data after your last data-loss event?

* 14. Which aspects of cloud services are most important for your business when it comes to data protection?

* 15. Have you adopted or is there a tangible business case/desire for Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) solution in your organisation?

* 16. Do you have a cloud usage policy within the company that employees know how to use?

* 17. Do you have a data classification policy within the company that employees know how to use?

* 18. Do you have or planning to implement a bimodal IT strategy to more efficiently roll out more contemporary cloud solutions?

* 19. Do you think you can improve agility and innovation in your business by exploiting contemporary cloud solutions more?

* 20. Do you believe it is possible to put adequate security and governance around BYOA technologies?

* 21. What is your biggest concern around adopting cloud based solutions?