1. Listener-Member Ballot for KFAI 2009 Board of Directors

Instructions: You may either vote online at kfai.org (http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=AGqRz797Q2KEodbONSrXww_3d_3d) or vote by mail using this ballot. Record your Unique Identification Number (“UIN”) for use in voting either online or by mail. The UIN is printed in the name/address block on the outside of this mailing and begins with the letters LM. The UIN ensures anonymity when voting and prevents duplication of ballots by mail and online.

To vote using this ballot: record your UIN in the box below. Vote for only three of the five candidates running, as there are only three seats available for listener-member candidates taking office January 2009.

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Jeffrey Aronen: I am a 25-year Listener-Member of KFAI. My passion for KFAI and its broad ranging programming will inspire me to promote and nurture this valuable community asset. My 10-year experience as owner/artisan of Aronen Woodwork & Design gives me knowledge of budgetary concerns, and my experience as a board member and fundraiser for the NE Dinner Bell Meals-on-Wheels program will help me support KFAI’s efforts to stay financially healthy. I recently organized the first Annual Mission Nutrition Music Benefit, which KFAI sponsored.

Alan Carlson: Given the uniquely critical position of the media for proper functioning of our democracy and the current degenerate, corporate-subservient state of the media in the U.S., independent community media takes on a much more critical role than just providing an outlet for the esoteric and unusual. I will work to keep KFAI mindful that providing a voice for the under- and mis-represented, while important and commendable, is only a means and not the end if we are to be a vital part of the struggle for democracy and social justice as put forth in KFAI’s Mission Statement.

Doug deMille: I’ve almost achieved the goal I set last year to study every aspect of KFAI -- every system, software, and technical device-- to become a truly valuable contributor to KFAI. I am proud of my project and people management skills and have been a media person in radio, television, advertising, marketing and promotion all my adult life. I understand KFAI’s strengths and the challenges it faces. Although a non-profit, KFAI still has to operate as any other business to survive. I never stop thinking of new ways for KFAI to generate revenue and get maximum benefit from expenditures. I am a passionate supporter of KFAI and would love to serve as a member of the BOD.

Patrick Lee Miller: My long involvement with the programs and board operations of the Community Action Partnership for Ramsey and Washington Counties (“CAPRW”) makes me a good match for KFAI. While a member of the CAPRW, I participated in several good strategic planning workshops that used different methods and processes to achieve consensus, giving me valuable insight into processes that encourage a diverse and respected input and improved product outcome. One result of these experiences is that I believe I am able to contribute to any strategic planning process through acceptance of many varied positions and ideas.

John Slade: I’ve served on KFAI’s Board for three years, during which I’ve helped work on the KFAI website, station marketing and outreach and volunteered with the news department to cover the Republican National Convention. The RNC showed why we need community media; embedded corporate media told one story, KFAI told the REAL story. That’s why we need to keep the station strong. KFAI is a great community resource. I love our public affairs coverage – our news, and shows like Democracy Now. We also serve non-English speaking communities like no other station. In times of staff turnover at the station, we need Board continuity, and I want to stay on.

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