We're conducting a brief survey on rider satisfaction on the Philly PHLASH.
Upon completing this survey, you will automatically be entered to win a $250 American Express gift card. Please click here to view official prize rules. Thank you for your participation and riding the Philly PHLASH!

* 1. How many times did you ride the PHLASH in one day?

* 2. Please rate your experience on the PHLASH regarding the below areas, from Very Unsatisfied to Very Satisfied:

  Very Satisfied Satisfied Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Very Unsatisfied
Overall Experience
Stop Location

* 3. Please rate the factors that contributed to your decision to ride the PHLASH, from Very Unimportant to Very Important.

  Very Important Somewhat Important Neither Important or Unimportant Somewhat Unimportant Not Important
Park & Ride Discount Program
Fare Price
Service Schedule

* 4. If it was available, would you consider purchasing a two-day PHLASH pass? (Currently, only single rides and one-day passes are offered.)

* 5. An all-day PHLASH pass currently costs $5. What is the most you would pay for this service?