1. Win tickets to the UCLA Festival of Preservation at Northwest Film Forum, November 8-13

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November 8-13, 2013
Northwest Film Forum, Seattle

The historical sweep and technical wizardry of the UCLA Film & Television Archive's preservation projects—from early silent films and Golden Age classics, to fascinating rarities and contemporary gems—are showcased in the Archive’s biennial Festival of Preservation. Hailed by The Los Angeles Times as “the city’s most surprising, most stimulating, most invigorating film event,” the festival now heads north for its premiere Seattle engagement, featuring breathtaking new restorations of forgotten classics by Robert Altman, Thom Anderson, Shirley Clarke and many more.

NOVEMBER 8: Forbidden Love Double Feature

7pm Gun Crazy
(Joseph H. Lewis, USA, 1950, 35mm, 86 min)

9pm The Chase
(Arthur D. Ripley, USA, 1946, 35mm, 86 min)

NOVEMBER 9: Silent Starlet Double Feature

7pm Mantrap
(Victor Fleming, USA, 1926, 35mm, 75 min)

9pm Midnight Madness
(F. Harmon Weight, USA, 1928, 35mm, 65 min)

NOVEMBER 10: Comedy Gold Double Feature

7pm Thirty Day Princess
(Marion Gering, 1934, USA, 35mm, 74 min)

9pm Busy Bodies
(Lloyd French, USA, 1933, 35mm, 19 min)

9pm International House
(Edward Sutherland, USA, 1933, 35mm, 68 min)

NOVEMBER 11: Thrills and Chills Double Feature

7pm Supernatural
(Victor Halperin, USA, 1933, 35mm, 65 min)

9pm Double Door
(Charles Vidor, USA, 1934, 35mm, 75 min)


7pm That Cold Day in the Park
(Robert Altman, 1969, United States, 35mm, 112 min)

NOVEMBER 13: Folk Heroes Double Feature

7pm Eadweard Muybridge, Zoopraxographer
(Thom Andersen, USA, 1975, 35mm 59 min)

9pm Robert Frost: A Lover's Quarrel with the World
(Shirley Clarke, Robert Hughes, USA, 35mm 1963, 51 min)

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