Since 2009, the Invasive Species Action Network (ISAN) has provided timely information about all types of invasive species issues. Sometimes we produce original content (articles, papers, videos, etc.) but most often we link to content generated by others. We primarily communicate through our newsletter, the Clean Angling News, and through our three Facebook pages (Clean Angling, Invasive Species Action Network & Forest Pest Project).

We spend a lot of time putting out this information and we need to hear from you about how effective we are at communicating and how we can do a better job of giving you what you need.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to help us by completing this very short survey!

Bob Wiltshire
ISAN Executive Director

* 1. Is working on invasive species issues part of your job? Note: this does not include fishing guides and others whose work may be affected by invasives.

* 2. The Invasive Species Action Network (ISAN) has multiple methods of distributing information about invasive species. Please tell us which of these communication channels you use to get our information.

* 3. What types of stories interest you?

  Very Interested Interested Neutral Rarely Interested Never Interested
Aquatic invasives
Terrestrial invasives
Any type of invasives
Invasive species and fishing
Invasive species and boating
Invasive species laws and regulations
New invaders
Invasive species research
Controlling invasive species
Boat inspections
Global invasions

* 4. Invasive species stories are frequently reported in the media and increasingly there are types of stories that are very similar to each other. For example, stories about boat inspections are very common as are reports of species findings in new individual waters. In most cases, we only feature stories when they seem to have significance. How would you like to be informed about these types of story topics?

* 5. Looking at all of the different ways you learn about invasives, how important is the information that you get from ISAN?

* 6. How important are our different communication channels to you?

  Very Important Important Neutral Unimportant Very Unimportant
Clean Angling News
Facebook - Invasive Species Action Network
Facebook - Clean Angling
Facebook - Forest Pest Project

* 7. Please provide us with any other comments about how we can better deliver our information about invasive species.