The PRC CaRIT FLG has been developed under the support and guidance of the HCRA Executive Committee.

The primary objective of the PRC CaRIT FLG is to build research capacity, foster collaboration and develop support structures for early and mid-career cancer researchers (EMCRs).

The membership of the FLG is open to all members of the PRC CaRIT that are 0-15 years post-PhD or self-identify as an EMCR. Opt-out for self-identified progression beyond EMCR stage.

The purpose of the FLG is to develop comprehensive strategy to support career progression of EMCRs via:
  • Identification of a cohort of EMCRs;
  • Scoping of EMCRs research needs;
  • Scoping of EMCRs career development needs;
  • Introduction of career development plans;
  • Prioritise career development initiatives.
Facilitate the implementation of key career development initiatives:
  • Development of processes for implementing agreed career development activities;
  • Promote opportunities for collaboration, sponsorship and mentoring (local, national, international).
  • Identify existing or emerging career development opportunities.
Participate in PRC CaRIT communication and promotion, both internal and external.
If you believe you are eligible to become a member of the FLG and would benefit from doing so, please click next to complete the expression of interest. Please contact us via email on with any questions.