Here at Marketing Magazine we’re interested in the Holy Grail of marketing: how companies produce cohesive, effective strategies to grow, understand and influence their customer base.

But how do Heads of Marketing and CMOs gain vital insight into the behaviour of their customers? To find out, we’d like to know how you are developing your personalised customer experience by inviting you to fill in our short industry survey. It won’t take you long, we promise.

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* 1. Which industry does your company belong to?

* 2. How often are you using insight to drive decision making?

* 3. Where do you think you are in comparison to your peers and competitors?

* 4. Which organisation would you consider to be pioneering or leading when it comes to using customer led insight to inform their marketing strategy?

* 5. Who is driving your customer insight strategy? Select all that apply

* 6. What is driving your customer insight strategy? Select all that apply

* 7. What sources of data do you currently use to derive customer insight? Select all that apply

* 8. How are you using customer insight to enhance your customer experience?

* 9. What's the primary obstacle to developing or expanding your customer insight strategy?

* 10. Are you planning on increasing investment in tracking consumer behaviour and deriving customer insight over the next 12 months?

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