Thank you for providing your thoughts on this important topic.  Personal information provided on this survey is optional and will remain confidential.  Only Affinity Group leadership will have access to this information.  It will not be shared with anyone else at UT or otherwise.  Please skip any information that you are not comfortable sharing. 

* 1. At this point, to what level would you like to be involved in a LGBTQA Affinity Group?

* 2. How would you like us to address you and communicate with you?  Provide only the contact information that you would like Affinity Group leadership to use in communicating with you.

* 3. Orientation and Gender Demographics: Check all that you personally identify with.

* 4. Where would you prefer the LGBTQA Affinity Group to meet?  Check all that apply.  Type in any specific location suggestions that you have in the comments box.