* 1. How often do you attend Embassy Church Activities and Services?

* 2. Do you find it challenging to participate and you miss more than you would like to?  If yes, please elaborate.

* 3. Is there a pressing subject that you would like Pastor to teach in the next few months?  Please use the box if yours is not listed.

* 4. Do you consistently attend our ONLINE Mid-Week Bible Study?

* 5. Would you like to return to a LIVE Bible Study format or remain ONLINE?

* 6. Can we depend on your consistent participation in whatever Bible Study format you chose?

* 7. Do you participate in ONLINE Tithes and Offerings on the Mid-Week Bible Study?

* 8. If not, is there something we can do to get your consistent participation in attending and giving?

* 9. Are you currently serving faithfully in some area of ministry at Embassy Church?

* 10. Can we count on you to pray at least 5 minutes daily for Embassy Church growth and success?