* 1. The ACT test is the biggest challenge of senior year.  How can Bethlehem help with this?

* 2. How do want senior privilege days to work ?

* 3. Are you interested in  a class trip to Chicago?

* 4. Seniors have many special days here at Bethlehem.  Retreat, Prom, Baccalaureate, College signing, Graduation and project Grad.  What reasonable activity would you like to have included?

* 5. Do you have a college resume ready?

* 6. I am interested in downloading ACT app for my smart device but I don't know which ones to use

* 7. Writing college essays is a big part of applying to college.  Are you feeling prepared?

* 8. Senior year can be really stressful.  What are you most concerned about or what would you change?

* 9. are you interested in a special Senior tee shirt?

* 10. Opioid abuse has reached a national crisis level.  When you go to college there will be drugs.  
Do you feel informed about this epidemic and how it is affecting college students?