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* 1. Which of the following webinars would you be interested in attending?

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How to articulate and ‘publicize’ the value of phylogenetics to all communities (e.g., medicine, agriculture, art, engineering, other biological fields, conservation, law, climate change)
Assessment of knowledge and data available about the Tree of Life: gap analysis and data depth metrics
Tools to streamline tree building: Open Tree/TreeBase integration, tree assembly and trees as data layers
Tools for tree visualization and integration of data with trees: novel phylogenetics discovery tools
Data Layers: data layers, semantics, and analyses on the tree, getting high-quality data entered / curated, tracking data provenance
Names: name / taxon concept resolution / object mapping issues
Long-term sustainability / infrastructure needs / community building- what kind of support does the phylogenetics and biodiversity community need to succeed in the future

Question Title

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