Disability Rights Center needs your input!

We want to hear from you. We want your input about DRC's future objectives and priorities. The survey should take you just a few minutes to complete. If you, or someone you know, needs the survey in a different format such as large print or to have the survey read to them, please call the DRC office for help. Pass on a copy to your friends, relatives, and coworkers so they can give their input too.

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* Here are DRC's current priorities. Tell us if you agree or disagree with having this as a priority.

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Ending Abuse, Neglect, Restraint, and Seclusion
Ending discrimination in Public Accommodations, Transportation, Government and Government Funded Services, Voting, and Access to Assistive Technology
Ensuring Access To Necessary Services, Including Health Care In The Least Restrictive, Most Integrated
Ensuring Access To Quality Education and Other Services for Children
Advancing The Rights Of People With Disabilities To Obtain Employment Opportunities Of Their Choice
Providing Outreach, Self-Advocacy Support, Public Education, and Collaboration with other Organizations.

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* Tell us more about what you think of our current priorities.