* 2. Of the following Public Recreation Sites which ones do you visit and how often?

  Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly NA
Darrows Lane Recreational Complex
Allegany Highlands Trail
Constitution Park
Frostburg Community Park
LaVale Lions Field
Narrows Scenic Park
Paris Glendenning Recreational Facility
Taylor Community Athletic Field
Potomac Park Ball field
Jaycee's Recreation Area

* 3. If the park(s) you visit is/are not listed in # 2 above please do so and indicate frequency?

* 4. What amenities are important to you as an individual? Please choose from the following activities: Choose as many as you like

* 5. What activities or amenities are important to your family? Please choose from the following:

* 6. If you do not use the recreation sites within your area, or the closest municipality, please explain why.

* 7. Do you feel enough attention is given to the recreation facilities you frequent?

* 8. What do you like about the recreational facilities that you visit in Allegany County?

* 9. What would you change about the recreation facilities that you visit in Allegany County?

* 10. Please add any additional comments regarding the recreational facilities in Allegany County, MD.