The Municipality of the District of Argyle is studying the number of municipal councillors and district boundaries in accordance with the Municipal Government Act, which requires every municipality in Nova Scotia to conduct such a study in 2022. After the study is completed, the Municipality must apply to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board to confirm or alter the number of Councillors and boundaries of polling districts. Changes coming from this review will not come into effect until the 2024 Municipal Election.

The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board recommends that municipalities undertake the public consultation process using a two-step method:

Step 1: Consultation regarding the number of councillors

Step 2: Consultation regarding the district boundaries

Three open houses have taken place to provide feedback on Step 1. These open houses took place in June in the following communities:

·         Wedgeport 

·         Tusket

·         West Pubnico

This survey is part of Part 1 and involves seeking public input from residents of the Municipality of the District of Argyle on the number of councillors. Please assist us in the process by completing the survey, which should take less than 10 minutes.