Nominate someone for the 2018 Charles M Hill Sr Award for Housing Excellence

We are currently taking applications for the 2018 Charles M.  Hill Sr. Award for Housing Excellence. This award recognizes an individual whose entire body of work in the housing field, over a career or series of years, reflects a commitment to advocacy for affordable housing and has had a lasting impact on bettering the cause of affordable housing.

* 1. Is there someone you believe meets that qualifications for consideration for the Charles M Hill Sr award?

* 2. What role does your suggested nominee play?

* 3. In what part of the state is your nominee active?

* 4. In which one of the following areas is your nominee most involved?

* 5. Please provide a brief description of why you think this person is deserving of the Charles M Hill Sr. award (3-5 sentences).

* 6. Please provide your contact information. We will contact you for more information if necessary. Provide name, email address and phone number. Thanks!