If you are reporting for more than one FIRST Team supported by John Deere, you are welcome to combine the results and fill out a single survey by program (JrFLL, FLL, FTC, or FRC). If you do this, please add the additional team numbers in the Team Number Field separated by a space between team numbers.

* 1. How many FIRST Teams are your filling out the survey for?

* 2. What was your primary role with the team?

* 3. FIRST Team Number(s)
(If more than one, list each with space between numbers)

* 4. FIRST Program your Team Participated in for 2013-2014

* 5. Please indicate if your team met the John Deere Team 2013-2014 expectations below

  Yes No
Participated in at least one tournament or expo (Jr. FLL)
E-mailed a picture of team with coaches & mentors to Inspire@JohnDeere.com

* 6. Nearest John Deere Community

* 7. City, State, Country Where Team Normally Met

* 8. Primary School or Organization with which your team is associated

* 9. Please indicate the breakdown for the total number of students on your FIRST Teams below

* 10. What was the total breakdown for the number of students on your team(s) by gender?

* 11. For US Teams: What was the total breakdown for the number of students on your team(s) by racial or ethnic background?
(Should add up to the total number of students on the team(s))
For Non-US Teams: Put in "None" for both

* 12. List the total number of 2014 high school graduating seniors (FRC or FTC Teams) you have by their plans after high school.

* 13. Total number of mentors/coaches that supported your team by category

* 14. Names of any John Deere Employees or Retirees that supported your team as mentors or coaches.
(Enter "None" if your team did not have any John Deere mentors)

* 15. Please list which tournaments your team participated in last season and what awards your team received.
(If you didn't participate in any tournaments or expos (Jr. FLL), please indicate "None”)

* 16. Overall, how did FIRST impact the students on your team?

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
They gained a sense of self-confidence by being in FIRST
Their interest in STEM (Science, Technolgy, Engineering or Math) greatly increased as a result of being in FIRST
They gained a better understanding of how STEM is used to solve problems in the real world
FIRST helped them understand the value of working on a team
Their parents are more supportive of their children being involved with future STEM related activities and education

* 17. What aspect of FIRST did you think had the greatest impact on your students?

* 18. What aspect of FIRST did you feel had the lowest impact on your students and why?

* 19. How important was the grant provided last year to your team from John Deere?

* 20. Overall, how would you rate your experience in FIRST?

* 21. Any other comments or feedback you want to share?