1. Introduction

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Open Comment Period for Treatment of Animal Waste in the Green-e® Renewable Fuels Standard:
  • Green-e® Renewable Fuels Standard, Animal Waste and CAFO Criteria - Public Comment Period Released April 30, 2021

Center for Resource Solutions ("CRS") seeks feedback on Animal Waste as a potentially eligible feedstock in the Green-e® Renewable Fuels Standard (the "Standard"), which provides requirements for Green-e® certification of renewable fuel production, sales and consumption.

Please also see the Terms of Reference ("TOR") for more information. The TOR outlines the goals and impacts of the Standard in provides a needs assessment for Green-e® certification being available in renewable fuels markets.

Drafts of the Standard and TOR, along with a PDF copy of the following survey, are available on the Green-e® website at https://www.green-e.org/programs/renewable-fuels/documents (opens in a new window) for you to view before completing the survey.  Survey questions consider additional language for the Standard, and so no redlined version is provided.

Feedback on the Standard will be accepted until 11:59pm Pacific Time on May 31, 2021. Comments can be submitted through the following survey or by emailing them to comments@green-e.org using the subject "Renewable Fuel Standard Comments". If you are submitting written comments, please review the survey PDF for the specific questions on which we are seeking detailed feedback.

Center for Resource Solutions, a NGO based in California (USA) that administers the Green-e® certification programs, will use feedback from this comment period to create a final draft standard for review by the Green-e Governance Board.

Posted on April 30, 2021

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